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he following sections should provide sponsors with key information regarding everything from the conference location to how to ship items to us. If you feel there is anything missing, just let us know.

Venue information

The venue of the conference has been the Owen building for the majority of the conferences, although this could change going forwards depending on the University’s plans. The address for this is:

Owen Building,
Hallam Square,
Sheffield City Centre,
S1 2LX

Shipping / Logistics information

You will be able to set up your stands from 5pm on the Friday, unless we are able to gain access sooner. If you are not travelling down until the Saturday, the venue will be accessible to you from 7.30am. We may be able to provide some able bodied helpers from our volunteers, however we can not guarantee this, so please ensure you arrange for your team to be available to help.

If you wish to ship items up to us, please use the following label on your boxes. The following pdf shows the best route for getting your goods to the conference on the Friday or Saturday.

Sponsorship Requirements

We provide all sponsors who are eligible for a stand with the following:

  • At least 2-3 chairs
  • Two tables

if you require any other items, such as a TV or monitor, extra sockets, etc. just let us know in advance and we will see what we can do.