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We wanted to make the event free for everyone but, unfortunately, we have limited space and are worried that people would grab tickets just because they could, so we decided we had to charge. Entry price is just £25 and, like previous years, in return for your money you’ll get a goody bag with all sort of cool stuff. These are some of the things we’ve given out so far:

  • Sporks
  • Lock picks from MadBob
  • Towels
  • Spoons
  • See through combination locks
  • Books from No Starch Press
  • Memory sticks
  • RFID shielding wallets
  • A bottle of local speciality sauce, Henderson’s Relish
  • Bassets All Sorts

We have a similar plan each year, another bag full of fun stuff which will be paid for by your entry fee.

Cancellation Policy

Very important, we do not refund ticket money. All the ticket money goes towards buying the goody bag contents and so we start to spend it as soon as it starts to come in. If you contact us a week before asking for your money back, we no longer have it so can’t refund it.

The best thing to do is to pass the ticket on. We don’t mind if you resell it or give it away, if you want to change names on it then get in touch and we can do that otherwise just tell the new owner to turn up and pretend to be you, we don’t do ID checks but we do only allow one person per ticket.

If you decide to keep the ticket because you want the goody back, we do not post them out. You can nominate someone to pick it up for you on the day but make sure they do it early as well sell off all spare bags in the afternoon.