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We wanted to make the event free for everyone but, unfortunately, we have limited space and are worried that people would grab tickets just because they could, so we decided we had to charge. Entry price is just £20 and, like the first two years, in return for your money you’ll get a goody bag with all sort of cool stuff. In previous years we’ve given out:

  • Lock picks from MadBob
  • Books from No Starch Press
  • Memory sticks
  • RFID shielding wallets
  • A bottle of local speciality sauce, Hendersons Relish
  • Bassets All Sorts

We have a similar plan for this year, another bag full of fun stuff which will be paid for by your entry fee. We can’t give you your money back but we can give you something that is worth at least the same if not more.

Tickets go on sale at 12PM on April 15th, based on the last two years we expect to sell out so make sure you get yours before they do.