Collecting Demographics

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When you buy your tickets you may notice that we ask a few extra questions. Although some people may see this as a breach of their privacy we thought we would explain why and what we will be doing with the data we collect.

Due to success in our early years, when setting up previous events it wasn’t that hard to entice sponsors, but this year it has been harder. Companies are tightening their belts and are more reluctant to part with their cash. They are asking more of us to ensure they get the most from their money. One thing a lot of asked about is our audience. Some assume because we are based at a university that the majority of attendees will be students, some are wanting to target specific sectors, and some just want to know how to dress up their booths.

To be able to give them this data we have decided to add a few questions to the ticket sales system. The data we collect will be optional, but please, if you choose not to answer, do not fill in junk answers just to give us data, we would rather have 300 real sets of answers than 400 with 100 off them made up.

Once ticket sales have closed we will aggregate the data ready to pass on in next year’s brochures.

We have not, and never will, pass on any email addresses or data which identifies a unique attendee.

Hopefully this explains the changes, but if you have any questions feel free to get in touch.