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If you’ve not bought a ticket from us before, this guide will hopefully tell you all you need to know about our tickets and what they get you.

We have three main ticket types:

  • Main
  • Workshop
  • Kids track

Let’s get kids track out of the way first. This is a ticket for a child aged about 6-15. The age limits are rough because not all kids of the same age age the same. If you aren’t sure, drop us an email and we can talk about it. Depending on independence and maturity levels, younger kids may need supervising on the day, if an adult is coming along just to supervise, they do not need a ticket, if they want to see some of the talks as well, then they will need their own ticket. Click for more information on the kids track.

The main ticket for the event is the main ticket. If you want to come along to any of the Friday, Saturday, or Sunday events (except the Friday night Roebuck pub meet) then you will need one of these tickets. They cost £25 and, as well as full access to the conference, your money you will get a goody bag that will be worth around that value, meaning you pretty much get the con for free. When we put the tickets up for sale, we don’t go with boring names like “main ticket” so if you see a ticket for sale for £25, it will be a main event ticket.

The last ticket type is a workshop ticket. These are special tickets that are only available to people with main tickets although unfortunately we can’t do anything in the ticket system to limit who can take them so they appear to be available to everyone. The tickets are free and are used to limit numbers to the workshops as these are small, hands on sessions, so we cap the numbers to ensure attendees get the attention they need. Please do not take workshop tickets unless you have a main ticket, these are checked and each year tickets are cancelled by crew when we check and match tickets up. We also usually have overlapping workshops, when booking please check the times and don’t book more than one per time slot, again these will be cancelled when we do the checks and so will result in you losing both workshops.

So in summary, anything priced £10 and obviously labelled as kids track will be for kids. Priced £25 and labelled with whatever we think is funny at the time, will be a main ticket. Workshop tickets are free but only available to people with a £25 ticket and please make sure you don’t overlap sessions.

The majority of tickets go on sale in two batches, just before Easter and just after. The first batch is before we have announced our CFP, so no talks or workshops will have been announced, the second batch is after the CFP has been completed and we have published our selected speakers. In the past, tickets have been released in three time slots, morning, lunch, and evening, to spread the load and give everyone a chance.

We currently use Tito for ticket sales (since Eventbrite shafted us one year), you can find the event homepage here.

As well as these two main drops, there are often random single tickets that get released throughout the year, usually when we are bored or something significant has happened. These are usually not announced and are usually grabbed by people who know us and how to recognise when things might be happening. As a beginner, don’t worry about these, they probably won’t affect you this year.

Speakers, sponsors, and crew, you will be given free tickets which act in exactly the same as main tickets.

If you are still confused, please get in touch.