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The SteelCon Kids Track is an event dedicated to bringing the knowledge and expertise of the security community to children interested in the computing and hacking. The Kids Track runs alongside the main SteelCon conference and takes a mostly hands-on approach to teaching which we think is the best way to engage a child’s interest in technology.

Planning for the 2024 sessions is underway, expect more fun activities including crypto challenges, electronics builds and programming labs.

To whet your appetites, here are a few of our previous workshops.

Introduction to the BBC Micro:bit

With Damien Ferrari

The BBC micro:bit is a tiny programmable computer; great for young hackers, tinkerers and makers. An ideal way to discover a love for coding and technology and a stepping stone to Arduino, Raspberry Pi or the latest kickstarter HIDIOT. Children will get hands on with the BBC micro:bit and the web based PXT editor to create an interactive game, badge or anything they can imagine!

Fun with Flotilla

With Tanya Feesh

Come and make your models come to life using a Raspberry Pi and Pimoroni Flotilla modules. Make them light up, spin round, drive, or all three! Automate lights, make temperature reactive patterns, or create a tiny arcade machine complete with joystick. The only limit is your imagination. No coding experience needed.

Getting creative with Human Interfaces

With Chris Walker

A practical exploration of how creative interfaces can be used to make computing more fun. The workshop will be looking at ways that everyday objects can be used to control applications such as a fruit drum machine, painting your own password and interactive dance floor.

Introduction to Python using BBC Micro:bit

With p01arst0rm

Python is a programming language that’s used by beginners and expert programmers alike. Python is entirely text-based, which may look intimidating at first, but with a little guidance and practice, anyone can start coding. This workshop will cover what Python programming is, what it is used for, and how you can create a game for a micro bit using python.

Understanding Phishing and its dangers

With Cliff O’Sullivan

Phishing is a scam that uses email to try and trick you into giving out confidential information. This hands on demo will explain what Phishing is and the dangers associated with sharing Private/Personal information through clicking dodgy links can be.

Crypto 101: What does ancient Rome have to do with your cellphone?

With Diane Hosfelt

You use cryptography every day, even if you don’t realize it. Find out about how the ancient Romans encrypted messages and how you can share secrets in the same way. Then, discover how modern cryptography is different today, and learn how computers send secret messages to each other.

Lockpicking workshop

With Madbob

Lockpicking is an essential hacker skill that comes in handy the first time you need to use it. Win friends and impress your parents with your lock wizardry. No prior experience needed.