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The SteelCon Kids Track is an event dedicated to bringing the knowledge and expertise of the security community to children interested in the computing and hacking. The Kids Track runs alongside the main SteelCon conference and takes a mostly hands-on approach to teaching which we think is the best way to engage a child’s interest in technology.

We cater for kids of all ages but generally split groups into those over and under ten. Previous workshops presented at the event included:

  • Android programming with MIT App Inventor
  • Scratch programming 101 for kids
  • Aliens and Rockets; build your own toys
  • Web Development for beginners
  • Lock picking 101
  • Breaking the fourth wall with Minecraft and programming.


Are you a presenter keen to share your skills and spare time to help inspire the next generation? Then we want you to become a volunteer for SteelCon Kids Track! We encourage first time presenters, students, researchers and academics. We have slots to fill from one hour upwards so, if you would like to get involved, please email to with your details. If you have something specific you would like to teach, let us know, if not, we can probably find something for you to cover. Some ideas include:

  • Intro to crypto
  • Playing with WiFi/radio
  • Puzzles/problem solving

All volunteers get free entry.