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As a lot of you will be driving in I’ve just done some quick car park research.

In my expertly designed map, the green box is the conference area. 1 is a council car park which charges £5 for all day Saturday, watch out getting in to here, you have to come in along Arundel Lane and not Arundel Street due to one way roads. Also part of it is being used for building site storage and portacabins so don’t expect to see the parking spaces from all approaches. For the special person who asked, motorbikes are free in here.

2 is an NCP multi-storey that says the max charge is £3.50 for all day on the weekends. Entry is from the Furnival Square roundabout then onto Matilda Way. Some of the turns at the end of ramps are very tight so be careful.

For anyone coming in on Friday evening, the on street parking is about £1 from around 18:30 and free from about 20:00.

One I’d suggest avoiding is the one known locally as the Cheese Grater, just off the top of this map. You’ll recognise it when you see it. I’ve not been in for a while but last time I did it was very expensive.