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For the last two years your ticket has granted you access to a day full of amazing talks, a lunch including ice cream from one of the best producers in the country, a true northern dinner and enough free drinks at the party to make everyone merry, but this year we are going a step further, we are adding workshops!

We are going to make Friday afternoon Workshop Time. At the moment, the plan is to run between four and five sessions between 1PM and 5PM but depending on numbers this might open up to the morning as well.

So as well, as looking for CFP submissions for talks, we also want workshop submissions. We want either two or four hour sessions and are looking for anything hacker related. We are expecting the usual “this is how to hack product X” but, in line with our range of talks, would also like some on soft skills and other none technical topics. These all have to be carried out in university provided rooms so please consider this when coming up with ideas, if you are not sure if something is appropriate then please get in touch and we will make a decision.

Once we have the schedule sorted out we will open ticketing to let you book your seats and, as said before, this is all in the one ticket, this is not an extra cost, just reserving seats for bums.

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