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After a lot of hard work by Luke, Cal and Tom we’ve finally got the videos sorted and uploaded. Not all the talks were recorded and not all the recordings have made it through to being published, this is because, despite all the work put in on the day and in post production, the quality is no where near what we would have liked due to a number of problems including:

  • Cameras failing
  • Memory cards filling up
  • Microphones not picking up what they were supposed to
  • Picture in picture accidentally being turned on during recording losing a chunk of screen space
  • Poor lighting in track 2
  • Various other little niggles

We’ve learnt a lot from this and plans are already in place for next year where we hope to be able to do live streaming, this should mean problems are picked up straight away and the recordings are ready for release within days not months.

Apologies to the speakers whose hard work didn’t make it through, if you want to see what we have we can send you what we have of your talk, just get in touch.


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