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The 2018 call for training has now come to an end and we are reviewing all the submissions, as we make our decisions, the classes will be posted here. The training will be in the week before the con, two day classes will be on the 4th and 5th July, three day classes the 3rd, 4th and 5th. Your ticket to attend a class will also get you entry to the Friday workshops and the conference on the Saturday.

If you are interested in training, this is how the booking process will work…

Free tickets will be available through Eventbrite, log in and get one of these for each attendee, this helps us track numbers and makes it a fair process in case classes sell out. We will get an alert to say you’ve got the ticket but if you could also send a copy to, that would help make sure your booking doesn’t get lost in with other ticket sales. Once we know you are interested, we will get in touch to arrange payment.


“Hack Yourself First” with Scott Helme

“Hack Yourself First” is all about building up defensive skills in software developers. It looks at security from the attacker’s perspective and takes them through the steps necessary to exploit vulnerable software on the web so that they can experience hacking first hand.

2 days, £990 per seat

For more information contact Scott.

Register for a ticket here.

Advanced Threat Actor Simulation (Red Team Training)” with Nettitude

delivered by Ben Turner and Phil Lynch from Nettitude’s red team.

This course is an updated and improved training package from last year’s successful Red Teaming Bootcamp.

Using the latest known attack techniques that are being used in the wild, the course will cover how to simulate an advanced threat actor through the use of these techniques and will also focus on bypassing common defensive capabilities used within most modern corporate environments in order to understand how a defense in depth approach is required to detect and defend against current threat actors.

The course will include a theory element as well as a substantial hands on practical where the techniques taught can be used within a representative training environment. This environment has defensive countermeasures deployed which will require the newly acquired skills of the simulated threat actor to bypass.

While this course focuses heavily on the offensive methods of a red team, it will also include common defensive techniques that are often deployed by the blue team such as logging and monitoring, egress filtering and various endpoint protection mechanisms.


  1. A laptop which you have local admin rights over
  2. The laptop must be capable of running two VMs as well as the host OS simultaneously
  3. This course is aimed at experienced penetration testers

3 days, Early bird cost £1500 per seat till 19th May, then £2000 per seat.

For more information contact Nettitude.

Register for a ticket here.

Note, we are not VAT registered and so will not be charging VAT on the training.