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This was the list of speakers we had in 2017.


Christopher Truncer & Brandon Arvanaghi CheckPlease – Payload-Agnostic Sandbox Detection
Dan Raywood From Stuxnet to Stuck Without the Net
Carl Gottlieb Let’s Cut The Crap on GDPR
Neil Lines Samurai of the west
Dominic Chell & Vincent Yiu A Year In The Red
Ignat Korchagin Reclaim back keys for your Kingdom: a vaultless password manager
Darren Martyn A look at TR-06FAIL and other CPE Configuration Disasters
Stefan Hager Honey in the age of Cyber
Sam Brown A chain is only as strong as its weakest Win32k
Steve Mitchell (When it comes to security…) Nothing’s new, everything’s new.
Nicky Bloor Practical Serialization Attacks
Achim D. Brucker and Michael Herzberg The evil friend in your browser
Eric Escobar Hacking Wireless Home Security Systems
Ian Thornton-Trump 10 Years Forward into the Future: Fact, Fiction & Failure
Victor Gevers Fixing the internet: 1 by 1
Chris Boyd Mahkra ni Orroz
Ken Munro Dicking around with dildos
Soroush Dalili HTTP Invisibility Cloak


Christopher Truncer WMImplant and A Guide for using WMI Offensively
Rob Maslen Thick Client Destruction
James Forshaw Introduction to Windows Logical Privilege Escalation
Neil Lines and Jamie Shaw How to win at remote social engineering
Michael Macnair Fuzzing with AFL
Scott Helme from zero to hero
John Carroll Crash-course in DLL Hijacking – for juniors