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Party Details

In the past few years we have asked people to get a party ticket just so we have a rough idea of numbers but this year we are going to make it a bit more formal.

Last year, some people, to put it nicely, took advantage of the bar tab and so we got through it quicker than we were expecting. To try to stop this from happening again this year we are introducing a system so everyone can get a fair share.

We’ve considered lots of different ways to do this and this is what we decided:

  1. If you are coming to the party party, please take a party ticket from Eventbrite.
  2. We will divvy up the tab amongst everyone who has asked for a ticket when the sales close at the end of the day on Wednesday 5th.
  3. When you register on Saturday morning, you will show your conference ticket to get in and also your party ticket. You will then be issued your party pack. Remember, you must have a main event ticket to be allowed in the party.

If you don’t have a party ticket and your plans change come find one of the Gaffers and we will sort you out. Or you could find yourself someone on expenses with a nice company credit card.