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2022 Provisional Talks and Workshops

For those who want to know more about what content they will get on the weekend, this is a provisional list of talks and workshops. Not all selected speakers have confirmed, and things change even at the last minute, so please don’t attend just for a single talk and get annoyed it if not happen.

Talks are on Saturday 23rd July.

SpeakerTalk Name
Andy Gill and Neil LinesPaving The Way To DA – A Live(Hopefully) Path of Pwnage
Ian Thornton-TrumpHow to kill a Russian Commander in 20 minutes or less & other cyber stories from the war in Ukraine
Chris PritchardMurder! Mossad? Watching SE experts in the real world, literally getting away with murder.
Jess AmeryFriend or Foe?
Sadi ZaneDeep dive into Kubernetes Attack Surface and how to defend against cloud native ecosystem?
Soroush DaliliHacking a treadmill for fame and profit
Sina KheirkhahTaming horses for combat
Nishaanth Kumar GDebugging Cordava Applications
Paul WilliamsX-Com: Editing Savegame Files is Still Strategy: Redux
David LodgeSecurity Vulnerabilities that (Mostly) Aren’t
Keith LearmonthWindows Credential Theft: A Primer
James Boland“I’ll take hacking for $100.” Keeping your CTF costs out of jeopardy
Peter OCan you detect this? Inside The Ransomware Operator’s Toolkit
Manish Kishan TanwarCatch me if you can – Hiding web shell from WAF
Noman RiffatFinding zero days in WordPress Plugins & Themes and Testing Beyond WPScan
Rad KawarWriting Tiny, Efficient, and Reliable Malware
Richard HicksP4ssw0rds!!!!111

Workshops are between 10 and 4 (ish) on Friday 22nd July. To attend a workshop you must book and have a conference ticket. Booking will be opened closer to the day.

SpeakerWorkshop Name
Roxana KovaciAzure Red Team Attack and Detect workshop
Sina KheirkhahOffensive .NET Reversing
David LodgeIntroduction to GEOINT
Soroush DaliliFinding, Abusing, and Exploiting Deserialization Flaws in .NET Framework
Brian WheltonNetwork Noob to Ninja