SSLv3 Appreciation Day

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Unless you know him well, you’ll be surprised to know that one of our longest standing supporters, Scott “Lord Helmet” Helme turns fifty this July. To celebrate this momentous day, we have decided to declare July 15 “SSLv3 Appreciation Day”.

As we can’t be with Scott to celebrate this year, we are asking for as many people as possible to set their WiFi ESSID to “Scott loves SSLv3” for at least five minutes at some point during the day and send us photos or screenshots so we can make an album to give to him as a gift at next year’s con.

For extra credit, upload a packet capture to WiGLE so the day will be recorded for ever more. Remember though, only do so if it is safe to do this while retaining your regular high level of OPSEC.

Images can be emailed to or added to this Google album.

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