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Paying it Back - The Results

At the start of May we announced our “Paying it Back” competition, a chance for a deserving individual to win a ticket for this year’s 44Con.

We didn’t get as many entries as we had expected but from those entries we had to pick a winner and there were three that stood out. Luckily, we were able to rule one of them out as a good friend jumped in and agreed to arrange a ticket for them, we won’t spoil the surprise for that person but I’m sure someone will be in touch soon.

As there was little in it between the remaining two, we went back to Steve and the crew and asked them their opinion and rather than try to decide, they simply handed us a second ticket. So, the two winners of a 44Con ticket for this year’s event are Spence ( @SecEventsPen ) and Chrissy ( @5w0rdFish ).

Chrissy’s nomination talked about her dedication and passion and the effort she is putting in to build her skills and reputation in the industry. Spence’s nomination was a more personal one that again talked about dedication but in a different way. We will be in touch with both of you to hand over the tickets and hope you both enjoy the event.

Finally, one more thanks to Steve, Adrian and the rest of the 44Con team for the tickets and helping us to give back to those who deserve it.

Paying it Back

The generous team at 44Con have donated us a ticket (worth £340) to their event in September and we need to give it away. Rather than do a competition or random draw we’ve decided to give it to someone who deserves it and we need your help.

Please get in touch and nominate someone you think should get the ticket and give us a reason. It could be for helping others, for a major contribution to a project, for deserving to go but not being able to afford to, you tell us why the deserve it. The ticket won’t cover all expenses but under a scheme to be published shortly, there will be the option for help to cover at least some of them.

Send your nominations to, entries close at noon on June 1st.