Lord Helmet's Sticker Emporium

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Roll up, roll up, to the one and only Lord Helmet’s Sticker Emporium!

In this treasure trove of awesome swag you’ll be able to find stickers from around the globe including examples from Incapsula, OWASP, Cloudflare, Google, Github, Let’s Encrypt and Hak5. Any can be yours for a small donation.

Our sticker pile ready for the booth

What, you don’t have room on your laptop for more stickers? Well go buy yourself a new one, go on, you really deserve it, you have worked so hard this year. Just remember to donate the old one to our Bring and Buy Stall.

If stickers aren’t your thing then there will be other treasures including t-shirts, Bluetooth speakers and all sorts of amazing goodies, all very generously donated by brilliant businesses and curated by The Blogger himself.

So enter with your wallets stuffed and leave with your laptops wrapped and feel good that all your hard work has gone to help bump up our charity collections.

PS. We take credit cards!