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We had another year of great talk submissions and this year some great workshops as well. After a lot of discussions we finally decided on the following speakers and trainers:

Talks – Saturday 16th all day

  • Chris Truncer and Evan Pena – A Battle Against the Industry – Beating Antivirus for Meterpreter and More
  • Holly Williams – Offensive Anti-Analysis
  • Sun Huang & Wayne Huang – Witness the Russian attack: Live demos of their steps, tools, techniques
  • Juan J. Güelfo – Improving Computer Network Defense Analysis Training With Adversary Replication Techniques
  • Neil Lines – Remote SE techniques involving Microsoft Universal Naming Convention (UNC) function.
  • Ben Turner – 21st Century War Stories!
  • Campbell Murray and Jonathon Brookfield TLS – Practical Attacks and Defences
  • Darren Martyn – Become a computer mindreader: A gentle exploration of memory forensics
  • Lewis Ardern – Reviewing AngularJS 1.x Applications
  • Scott Helme – Hacking the Nissan Leaf
  • Chris Ratcliff – Vorsprung Durch Hacknik
  • Jessica Barker – Would the real imposter please stand up?

Workshops – Friday 15th from lunchtime onwards

  • Kyriakos Economou – Advanced Malware Unpacking
  • Elliot Ward – Exploring & Exploiting Video Game Security
  • Madbob – Locksmithing
  • Ben Turner and Dave “Granddad” Hardy – Red Teaming with PoSH C2

Workshop tickets will be available for free through Eventbrite on Friday 3rd June at 12 noon. Full details and times will be included in Eventbrite.

To qualify for a workshop ticket you must have a ticket for the main event, please don’t take one without a main ticket as you will be rejected.