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The 2017 CFP is now open. It will run till close of business on Wednesday 10th May and we hope to get feedback out within a few days so we can announce the speakers before ticket sales open on the 15th.

Speaking slots are one hour so talks need to be around 50 minutes to allow for change over time.

Workshops will be on the Friday, same as last year, but this year we are hoping to get enough interest to be able to run throughout the day rather than just after lunch. Workshops can be 1-4 hours, if you want to go longer, get in touch and we can talk about it.

We are looking for fun, interesting and novel content from low level tech to high level business. If you are not sure whether your idea will fit, check out out previous events on our YouTube Channel or just get in touch.

One last thing, we do not pay expenses. If we come out with spare cash we might try to offer something but we can’t guarantee it so please do not submit if you cannot get your own way to Sheffield or sort out somewhere to stay once here. If you are struggling and need help, let us know and we can see if you can find you a lift or room share.

You can send in your submissions here.